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Welcome to "Getting Started" with A.R.M. On this page you will find helpful information to get you started on t road to recovery. If you would like more information about A.R.M. please send an email to Info@AddictionRecoveryMinistry.org




What is Addiction?

In order to deal effectively with addiction, it is important to understand exactly what addiction is so it is essential that we answer the question, "What is Addiction?"


What You Believe is Important to Recovery

Our beliefs are powerful and effective and what you believe about addiction can either make or break your recovery. In this article you will learn why.


Is 12 Steps Recovery Christian?

The 12 Steps methodology is the basis for literally thousands of church recovery programs today. But is it really a "Christian" program?


Living a Spirit Filled Life

God sent His Spirit into our hearts is so we could live the life He desires for us to live. We need the Spirit's help so we can overcome sin and live for God.


New Life and New Friends

Living free of drugs and alcohol, or other destructive things, requries a change in lifestyle. You will need to develo new, healthy habits and also seek out friendships that support recovery.


Willpower and Self-Control

While it is absolutely true that willpowe and self-control alone are not enough to overcome addiction's grasp completely, Christ empowers the believer with these qualities so that it is possible to overcome temptation and make meaningful life changes.


Loving Them To Recovery

Addiction affects many people beyond those directly involved. Family members, friends, and loved ones also bear the painful scars of addiction. In this paper, you will find helpful, biblical advise how to love a friend or family to recovery according to the principles taught by Christ.


Self-Guided Worksheets


Why Can't I Just Quit?

Struggling with the sin of addiction can be very deflating. It is not unusual for a Christian to ask, "Why can't I just quit?" The answer "why" is found in Romans Chapter 7.


Change Cycle

Change often involves a process. The Bible describes five significant stages of change that are important to understand. They include Rebellion, Realization, Remorse, Repentance, and Restoration. If you are struggling with addiction, it is important to examine your life and recognize where you are in the change process.


Counting the Costs

Weighing the cost of your addiction is absolutely essential for recovery. It can help you understand the terrible consequences of your actions and once they are fully understood and acknowledged, it may result in a sincere desire to change. As you weigh the costs of remaining the same, change will not appear to be nearly as challenging and difficult as you may believe. By looking at the costs, you may even welcome change in your life!


Identifying Core Values

Each of us values certain things in our lives. These are the things that bring meaning and hope to our lives. The give us purpose and fulfillment. Not everyone values the same things. That is why it is necessary for you to identify the five things that are MOST important to YOU.


Setting Goals

It is extremely important to have goals in your life and a plan to achieve those goals. If you do not have any goals, you will wander through life aimlessly. Every person's goals may be different. Some people desire to achieve deep, meaningful relationships with other people while some focus on health and happiness.


Lifestyle Changes

Changing your lifestyle is a necessary part of recovery. You cannot do the same things you have always done and expect to recover from drug and alcohol abuse. It simply does not work that way. You must make significant changes in what you do and who you hang around with. Until you do that, recovery will be an ever elusive goal.

External Links and Aricles


What does the Bible Teach about Drinking Alcohol

There is a debate within the church about whether drinking alcohol is truly a sin or if we have freedom and liberty in this area. In this article you will what the bible teaches about drinking alcohol.


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